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07 Nov 2011
Titanium dioxide-assisted photocatalytic induction of prophages to lytic cycle
The investigations on the kinetics of photocatalytic inactivation of bacteriophages, lactic bacteria and lysogenic lactic bacteria have shown that the rate of bacterial inactivation is ca. 10 times less than the inactivation of bacteriophages. Titania-assisted photorelease of bacteriophages from lysogenic bacteria proves that photogenerated reactive oxygen species affect the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of bacteria before their deactivation. On this basis a novel photocatalytic method of a prophage induction to the lytic cycle and detection of lysogenic bacteria is proposed by Dr. Skorb and Dr. Andreeva.
04 Apr 2011
New opening... From July there is BAKS Gallery also in Kappengasse 10, Nürnberg.
11 Mar 2011
Sonochemical Formation of Metal Sponges

A novel sonochemical method of formation of mesoporous metal sponges is developed. Systematic investigation of ultrasound effects on various types of metal particles reveals the cavitation-induced oxidation of metal surface and etching of metal matrix as main factors in the ultrasound-driven metal modification. Beyond the specific examples, the findings provide guidelines for expansion of the concept towards a broad variety of metal systems and allow developing the sonochemical approaches to manipulation the metal surface and inner structure.

By Ekaterina V. Skorb, Nicolas Pazos-Pérez, Daria V. Andreeva et al.

Nanoscale, 2011, 3 (3), 985 - 993

10 Mar 2011
Highly precise nanostructuring using ultrasound: new procedure to produce porous metals

They are corrosion resistant, mechanically strong and withstand exceedingly high temperatures. With such characteristics, porous metals are generating a growing interest in numerous innovative fields of technology. They are characterised by nanostructured surfaces with pores measuring only a few nanometres in diameter. An international research team including Dr Daria Andreeva of Bayreuth University (department of Physical Chemistry II) has successfully developed a heavy-duty and cost-efficient ultrasound procedure for the design and production of such metallic structures. In this process, metals are treated in an aqueous solution in such a way that cavities of a few nanometres evolve, in precisely defined gaps.

Christian Wißler, Forschungsmarketing Universität Bayreuth

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