Arlen Kashkurevich

Arlen Kashkurevich emerged as an artist at the end of the 50s when semi-official, ceremonial and propagandistic tendencies of social realism dominated in the Soviet art. Arlen Kashkurevich belongs to the artists who are in the totalitarian society managed to choose his own way in art. The main artistic credo of Arlen Kashkurevich may be defined as “a tragic man”. In his works dominate protest, pain, despair concentrated up to their apex, but also tenderness and refined aesthetics. Among his works the illustrations to the Holy Bible and “Faust” Goethe. The works of Arlen Kashkurevich are exhibited in the Tretyakow Gallery (Moscow), in the Modern Art Museum (Skopje), in the Goethe and Schiller Museum (Weimar), in the private collections in Russia, Iceland, Germany and the USA.
The artist's works

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